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FMN Company Ltd has been formed by directors and Personnel who were working with previous Companies Pegasus Management Company Ltd (PeMaCo) Consultant who have a very good experience in civil and building works as Consultants.

These personnel have also worked with ACME Construction Ltd and that they have a very good experience in both Civil and Building works in construction firm. The experience of this staff has also contributed a lot in the experience of FMN Company Ltd as a construction firm.  The staff is well trained and ready to take on new challenges anywhere in the world.

The firm fully owns, operates and manages its own equipment.

FMN Company Ltd have been working with a variety of clients: private, International Development and funding Agencies and companies, non-government organizations (NGO) church supported groups and Not for Profit Organizations.

The company has undertaken various building construction and civil works project in Tanzania. The company has also worked with various big (well-experienced) national companies as their subcontractors.

FMN Company continues to seek for new opportunities and to work with its joint venture partners in various parts of the nation.


Clients and Institutions for which FMN Company Ltd has fulfilled assignments, or is presently working, include

  • DUMA Explorer
  • Thalia Holdings
  • TGT – Kerndown

Project executed by FMN Company Ltd

FMN Company Ltd has done several construction works both civil and building of the following types:

  • Construction of Office and store building for Duma Explorer.
  • Construction of classrooms For BESPO
  • Construction of Supermarket for Thalia Holdings
  • Rennovation Of TGT Lodges

Civil works and Buildings Works

FMN Company Ltd offers high quality civil works. These services include site survey, and site acquisition, soil tests. With very high experienced team in civil works, and systematic approach from site layout up to finishing, FMN Company guarantees to its valuable customer the site handover within the given time.
The company has also carried out successful site building Projects in Tanzania. Recently FMN Company has proudly participated in construction of Classrooms at Maji ya Chai and Supermarket in Usa River.

During site construction as one of our traits we don’t only implement the Customer requirements but also we do advise, whatever possible the best solutions to adopt due to the nature of the site.

Year Client Project Description Volume TSHS Status
2015 BESPO Construction of Classrooms, kitchen and toilets block 257,000,000/= Complete
2015 THALIA HOLDINGS Construction of Supermarket 215,000,000/= ongoing
2014 TGT Rennovation Complete
Construction of a long cattle trough at Makoromba village
Construction of a steel water storage tank base at Makoromba village
Construction completion of a cattle trough at Makoromba village



the company own several equipments, tools and office equipments.

These  equipments are;

Concrete mixer

Poker vibrator


Water pump

omplete levelling machine

Computer set.

And several working tools.